Old News
6/19/08 A nice guy from dropped me a line and wanter to swap Links, he's got a good Resident Evil page here

5/29/08 Added Bio Genesis, Resident Evil Arcade, and RMXP RE Movement.

5/28/08 SegNin does it again, Thanks, Thanks. He managed to fix RE Second Opportunity, RE Proyecto 5, and RE RPG Maker. I also added a page to download the common files for RPG Maker to make getting the game to work easier.

5/25/08 Thanks to SegNin for emailing me with a new Resident Evil game and to let me know that Final Fantasy Tribute link was bad (fixed now). I present to you Resident Evil Umbrella's Conspiracy. Also added the English version of RE RPG. I also finally got around to putting up a page for Final Fantasy 7 NES.
5/14/2008 Added The Best Resident Evil Demo on RPG Maker 2003 and Updated the Onion Knight Project Final Fantasy Hack.

3/14/08 Added the BioHazard 3 Remake from SourceNext  

3/1/08 Finished up the Alien games. Added Resident Evil Genesis for Mobile

2/17/08 Started working on a page dedicated to all games Alien as in the movie Alien. Check it out here. I'm about 3/4 the way done and will finish it soon.

2/10/08 Added 5 more Resident Evil games. BioHazard for RPG Maker, RE Bio Factory, RE Proyecto 5, RE Second Opportunity. Also a very special Biohazard 2 Remake straight from japan.

12-22-07 Added a few more pages on Resident Evil - RE Umbrella Chronicles, Biohazard The Operations, Biohazard The Episodes, RE4 Mobile.

12-19-07 Added a page on Gloom for amiga.

11-28-08 Added a few more Splatterhouse games to the Splatterhouse Shrine. Madhouse, Splatterhouse 3d, The Splatterhouse Project, and Slaughterhouse.
11-8-07 Added more stuff. Pictures of our new baby girl, Anna Linda Freligh. She was born 10/16/07. Pictures of Halloween 07. Added pages on Resident Evil Confidential Report 3 and 4. Added a page on the Silent Hill Arcade, and another Zombie Arcade game Evil Night.
Why the hell is it so hard to find info on the Resident Evil phone games, or that a Silent Hill Arcade game came out.

10/12/07 Sorry for the long gap between updates, school and work have sucked up a lot of my time, also I've been remodeling the house quite a bit as well.
Check out the pictures here (lots of pictures).

Kevin from contacted me about doing a link exchange so be sure to go to the links page to head to his site and check it out. He's got a cool Roleplaying System website.

7/29/2007 Added more Resident Evil games. Resident Evil Tribute, Resident Evil Total Infection, Resident Evils Operation: Rageing Cheeta, Resident Evil Tech Demo, Resident Evil Evil Is Bad, Resident Evil Cover Operation, Resident Evil 83, Resident Evil Doom Deathmatch Level, Resident Evil RPG 85, Resident Evil 83 (2), and Resident Evil 83+.

It looks like I might be running out of places to find RE games, I think I'm just down to the lost and unreleased demos, but I'm waiting on emails.

7/25/2007 Added more Resident Evil games. Resident Evil Valentine, Resident Evil X (different one), Resident Evil Genesis X, Resident Evil The Umbrella Contract, Daniel Bartley's Resident Evil, Resident Evil Item Archive.
7/23/2007 Added more Resident Evil games. Earthbound Force, Resident Evil X, Resident Evil Afterlife RPG Maker, Evil Resident 1, Evil Resident 2, Evil Resident 1.5, Resident Evil Starter Pack, The Mansion, Resident Evil TI-83, Resident Evil 2 TI-83, and Resident Evil 5 TI-83.
7/22/2007 Added Resident Evil RPG (Based on Code Veronica) to the Resident Evil Games.
7/18/2007 Added more Resident Evil and Zombie Games.
7/16/2007 Added more zombie games. Check the bottom of the PC and console sections for the newest games. I continually search the net for zombie games as I find them I add them, I try not to do flash games just because I dislike them, no offense to their creators, I'd be glad to host one if someone dropped me a line.
7/12/2007 Added more zombie games.
7/2/2007 More Resident Evil stuff up. Only games I couldn't find were Biohazard i-Survivor, Biohazard The Stories, and Biohazard Zombie Shooter, if you have these please email me. Made a page on the infamous Final Fantasy X for NES port.
6/28/2007 Completely revamped my Resident Evil Pages. Added downloads for RE Survivor (PC), RE 2 N64. Added a page for Neo Nectaris woth the ISO image download. Updated by adding some more roms, and a ton of new PC games.
6/18/2007 Added an ISO image of Splatterhouse for FM Towns, ISO of BioHazard 2 Beta 2 for PSX, and BioHazard for NES.
5/10/07 Added a bunch of new Zombie Game pages.
5/02/07    I was contacted by Rob @ West Mansion with a beef that I had ripped his reviews for most of the Splatterhouse games I recently added and did not credit him. Not a problem, credit is fully given and I now have links to his page on all the other Splatterhouse related pages. I fully do not take credit for a majority of the reviews on my site they are leached from one source or another, I have no problem giving credit if anyone has a problem. My goal is to get as much info about whatever I post to You (the people visiting my site) about the things that I think are cool. Personally I hate to go to a site that only has "hey download this it's cool" I'd much rather have a more difinitive review, screenshots and more info about why said download is cool. Hey what can I say, West Mansion had the best review of the Splatterhouse games, I try to keep my personal policy of not linking to other pages or downloads because I hate to try going to a site 6 months down the road only to find that it has dropped off the face of the earth and the authors email is defunct. Also I pay every year to promote the things I think are cool and do not wish to suck up other peoples bandwith with leeched links. The best example I can think of is an awsome game I stumbled on many years ago, Dusk of the Dead, totally awsome homebrew game, I see a post on a message board looking for it and I went to try to find it. It was nowhere I could find, so I posted it on my site after I dug it off a cd I had backed it up on long ago. No matter what happened to the author, his site is no longer there and his work that still impresses many zombie game fans is avaliable for anyone who happens to stumble on my site to play. In closing appologies again to anyone who I have ripped a review from if I have not credited you I will do so no prob, just drop me a line. Also if you are a Splatterhouse fan be sure to check out

The computer continues  to grow..

Easter 07'
4/7/07  Added a crap ton more Zombie games.
3/31/07    Updating a bit, added a map of Maniac Mansion, Some more Splatterhouse games, a page on Monster Party and a few other things. Working on the my game a bit lately, finally finished all the character map sprites, all 715 of them, lol, took forever. Make sure you check out Crisis Evil a fan made Resident Evil game.
I also HIGHLY ENCOURAGE anyone with a zombie related homebrew game to contact me. I will host your work.
2-20-07 Still been busy, lol who could guess. The new computer is comming along good.
I started a job at Staples as a PC technician. It's going great so far. Just got to revisit with my friends Katie, Brian, and Derek, whom I havent seen for quite a few years. I've been trying to work on my game sprites in the meanwhile inbetween school and work, about 150 or so still to do out of 300 some. I've been thinking of doing another Nectaris map, but I am severly lacking on time. 5 classes this semester, COBOL, System Analysis and Design II, Business Law II, Java, and CCNA 1. Fun fun.
1/2/07 Happy NEW YEAR!! Sorry for no updates lately. I see that the site has been picking up the pace with 10-15 people a day. Please email me and let me know what your thoughts on the site are or if there is something related to my site content you are looking for.  Adding a Guestbook and Messageboard feature to leave comments.
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Been busy as usual. School doesn't start again for another 2 weeks. Last semester I ended up with 3 A's in my computer classes, a B in piano, and a B in 113 Algebra. Worked on a little more painting, check them out here.
Christmas went very well for me we ended up with shirts for Game Night. I''l put the pictures on their own page under the pictures page. Anyone who likes SiFi Books read DUNE and all the books that goes along with it, 14 books total.
Started building a new computer beginning of December. It's rocks. Waiting on a few more parts to get here to finish it up but here's the specs.
Motherboard           NForce 570 SLIT-A
CPU                         Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz
Graphics                  2x  EVGA GeForce 7950 GT KO Superclocked 512MB in SLI
RAM                         4GB  PC5400 Dual Channel DDR2
Sound                      Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty & Creative Labs INSP P7800 Speaker System
Printer                      HP Photosmart C5180
Other                        2x Pioneer DVDRW 16x, Floppy-Mediacard combo drive, Sabrent Video Capture card
OS                            Vista RC2  ...  so far

Vista has been working great EXCEPT occacisonally I will run into the BSOD with a CLFS.SYS error 0x00000050 Page_fault_in_non_paged_area. This is a bitch to fix, screwing around with the BIOS settings.
11/14/06  Added a Roms page for Final Fantasy Hacks. Made a Nectaris news page and threw the related news there. Added a few more games, and added some pictures. Also had to make a webpage for school and post it online. The First Church of Freligh and my friend site for school GCO.

Tons more games added.
Last few weeks I've been running across som crazy and kick ass old games. Such as Catacomb Abyss, Kens Nightmare, and some others. I've updated all the games pages. Check them out it's CRAZY. Please let me know if you would like to see some cool old game posted. A lot of the older games might give you problems if you do not use DOSBox
9/22/06 Added a few pics.

    Long game night last night. Made a few short movies
 and added a few pictures.

I have been keeping up to date on Verge demos and such, the news is scattered between this and the other news page, also news on my game on it's page. I'm trying to update all the latest files to their respective catagories. I would like to do individual pages for each file with screenshots, author, verge version and a readme file. but don't really have much time in between work, school, and other projects. Maybe I'll get to it eventually.

Added a page for some pictures, a page of my paintings, and a few movies of game night at my house.
Added a few PSX emulators to the Roms page
Updated some of the Dennys pics.
Added Texas Instruments calculator emulator.
Added Map 20 for Nectaris guide.
OMG!! Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 - New movie check it out under the Misc Movies page

Finished Map 19 and put it up.
I guess I should update a little, finally got some traffic moving through here with the site showing up in google. Was working on building a new computer case for a few weeks here's the in progress work. I need to take pics of it all fired up. I finall got it working and installed Windows XP and all the drivers. Need to do some more finishing touches on it but that will wait until another day. I'm just glad to have the damn thing back up and running without chrashing all the time.
I haven't had time to do much this is the 1st day off I've had in a month.

Map 18 is done and posted. Will try to do Map 19 before summer semester starts next week.

Updated the latest Guide for Nectaris Map 17, had a small break before summer semester starts. Trying to keep busy and also catch up on my reading. Updated my game progress.

Been very busy with school and finals for this semester but I finished Map 16 now on Nectaris. Also have done a bit more work on the Final Fantasy Chronicles.

4/17/06 It was a Good Easter!!
Slowly progressing on the Final Fantasy Chronicles. Started the 1st town map again. Fixed a glitch in the battle system. I havent had much time to updat since school work is keeping me busy.

Why the hell does COPY take soooo long?

Added 4 more Zombie Games. Updated a few minor things.

Added 1 more zombie game. Updated some work on my game.

Added 2 new Zombie games, and added the strategy guide for Map 15 of Nectaris. NEW movies in the Snowman on Crack series.

Added even more Zombie games including some for other systems.
I'll update more when I get time.

Added a ton of Zombie type games.

Added a few more games, added some appz, and worked on a few other pages. Verge update comming soon.

Added a few more games. Need to work on new verge files. Check out http://www.urbandead.com/ pretty neat onling rpg zombie game.

I just switched servers because of Yahoo's SHITTY service. They lost my webpage. Major updating going on.

Doing major overhaul will be done eventually.

I made this page to house alot of stuff. Have fun enjoy and I will update soon.