DOSBox - DOS Emulation program for older games.

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Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball Screensaver

Virtual TI - Texas Instruments calculator emulator with roms
   TI-83 Guidebook
 Virtual TI, or vti for short, is a computer program for Windows 95 and higher which will let you do all the things your REAL TI calculator will do, without the hassle of getting your real calculator.

Emulators are very important when running assembly programs (or C programs) because they allow you to test your program on a working model without doing any potential damage to your calculator (like lock ups which cause you to reset the memory). They also let you test the program with different ROM versions without the hassle of having to change ROM versions on your calculator (which wastes battery life and shortens the life of your FlashROM).

VTI was written by Rusty Wagner, and it will emulate all the big TI graphing calculators (TI-82 and up). The only ones we care about though are the TI-89 and the TI-92+, which will help us test the programs that we write. You should always test your program on VTI first, before transferring it to your real calculator.