(What is) Zombie Pandemic?
Zombie Pandemic is a browser based zombie adventure game currently in development by a group of independent developers from Copenhagen who all share an interest for games and particularly George A. Romero cult movies.
The Storyline / A storyline is spreading!
The details of the storyline have not yet been disclosed but will include a classic zombie plot using a virus as an excuse to turn the streets into a zombie infested danger zone.
As a player you are one of the survivors who will have to make it to the safe zone aiding other survivors and without getting eaten by the zombies. The game is free PPBG (persistent browser based game) similar to games such as Urban Dead, Travian and Gladiatus. The Zombie Pandemic storyline will be just like the virus - spreading in a rich, ambient environment that YOU and your fellow survivors create.
Gore In Legio
The zombies are brought back to life with rich illustrations and rotten soundtracks. Feast your eyes on acclaimed illustrator Rune Bødker's creepy imagery
Game Features / Much more than hack'n'slash
Other aspects which makes Zombie Pandemic different is the fact that the game will feature enriched RPG elements, including advanced combat, a skill tree and use of realistic navigation on a real world map which will consist of hundreds of locations offering even more game events and quests in a rich storyline.
The MMO Approach / Massive Outbreaks
The project has been underway for 8 months and is expected to be another 4-5 months before the game launches. What makes the game concept fascinating is the MMO approach allowing several thousands of gamers to be part in one big zombie outbreak scenario.
Tune into and check it out if you like - and please spread the word!

A great RE site with a lot of information about Wesker and the other characters.

"Can You Survive the Horror" (CYStH) is a free-based, self-contained Roleplaying System based on the Survival Horror genre. By "free-based" we mean that CYStH is not based on any other type of Roleplaying System (i.e. GURPS, AD&D/d20 Modern, etc.), and therefore is free of the limitations (and copyrights) of those Systems. CYStH was created on 15 June 2000, borne out of a much more simplistic system (with no actual name) created by someone else. When they abandoned that System the creator of CYStH (who had been a high-ranking official of that group), took that loose skeletal framework, tore it down, and started building anew using the basic ideas that had been put forth and rebuilt the System entirely. Today, CYStH bears absolutely no resemblance to the creation that spawned it.

CYStH is designed as a full-fledged RPG inspired by the Survival Horror genre, with levels, character stats, and that sort of thing. We DO NOT have complicated character sheets that list such details as "Will" and "Intelligence" and such. Instead, more simple statistics such as Health (HP), Stamina (SP), Item Capacity (IC), and Ammunition Capacity (AC) take their place. CYStH doesn't have stats like Intelligence, Will and so forth, because they simply aren't needed to play the game the way it was built. This takes preassure off of people who have little or no Gaming experience and feel they are surrounded by some unseen elite, and for those hard-core table top RP'ers to relax some and not have to obsessively worry about Stat Points, yet still allow everyone who wants to give it a try to understand the System quite easily once they read about how it works.

With CYStH, once a character learns a Personal Skill or a Training Discipline, they are assumed to know those talents well enough to perform their jobs. If they ever need to repair, decode, or unlock something without a key, they never need to roll dice to determine if they succeed. Instead, they may need to complete a puzzle, making the players themselves think carefully about how to progress instead of determining something they ought to know "by chance." CYStH only uses dice to determine the outcome of truly random events, such as Attacking or Searching for supplies. This makes the game itself more involving, like the console games that have inspired its creation.

Most of all, though, CYStH is about having fun with friends and enjoying the Survival Horror Roleplaying experience. We do not engage in petty squabbles, "drama" or other such distractions, though Members often do engage each other in RP's outside of CYStH events. We invite you to come in and enjoy our Website. If you're interested in joining, check out the "Leagues" button up at the top.