RE Jills Escape

The nightmare continues ...

Genre: Horror

Resident Evil - Jill's Escape is a fan game based on Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for Playstation, somewhat modified, has the RTH-ABS system to battle in real time, also has: Baú to store items, limits the inventory (50 items, the ammunition will spend this limit expensive) Brad as a partner (in the beta1 version), etc ...


Having escaped from the nightmare of the mansion, Jill Valentine and the other survivors are in a state of recovery, they tell their story to its chief Brian Irons, Brian Irons is the story for the entire city and eventually became the reason for the joke entire city, Chris Redfield held various research on the Umbrella Corporation and discovers that Dr. William Birkin is creating a new virus, more than the T-Virus at all, called G-Virus, the Umbrella Corporation. was interested by this virus then sends a team to get a sample of the G-Virus, William refuses to integrated it, then killed him to save his life, William injected the rest of the G-Virus into his body and turned into a monster with no memories of his human form, it kills the entire team except Hunk that escapes with a sample, the rats absorb the T-Virus and spreads throughout the city drainage system, and Chris Barry goes to Europe to join the an anti-organization umbrella, Jill promises to go after, but before you go, the city is infested with blood thirsty zombies, now Jill will enfretar your nightmare again and leave town, but will not be easy, since a mysterious creature is behind it.
Producer: Alisson
Language: Portuguese-BR (soon in english)
Program used: RPG Maker XP