RE New Racoon

Raccoon-City reerguida was by a company called Umbrella, the project is led by Josh Tompson magnate, the city now called New Raccoon, veem strange things happening in the city, Livia Valentine lost her boyfriend who was kidnapped without any reason, were not news much less demanded ransom, Livia sleeps all day beside the phone waiting for a connection ... Livia lives in New Raccon be 1 year, and these last two months are the worst of her life ... until she hears a scream been outside the house .... What would happen? To learn Check Resident Evil: Raccoon New

-Number of Players-1
-If you play on Action Battle System [ABS], where you press a key [For Z] and shoot with different weapons launching a projectile from the bullet that hit the Zombie killing is the same

Main Characters:

~ Livia-Valentine New Raccoon agent, came to work in New Raccoon said it

that the city was wonderful and that the money earned is easy.

~ Bruno-Mojardim Survivor of New Raccoon [At least that is what it seems]

Program Used: RPG Maker XP