RE Regeneration

Program used: RPG Maker XP

Edgard: Officer of Dakota, the main game!
Henry: Friend of Edgard Dakota is the police!
Ray: Officer of Dakota, loves flying helicopters!
Jeff: Prisoners being transported by a team of Edgard!
Lithus: identity of the character you find in the course of the game!

Fan In a Game Raccoon City is rebuilt to honor those who died in the explosion of the nuclear plant's old Raccoon City (what the president said) you play with a police officer called the Dakota Edgard you were transporting a prisoner named Jeff with his team (Ray and Henry) Ray was flying the helicopter when it passes into a prohibited zone and the team's helicopter is shot Edgard forcing everyone to leave the helicopter. Now you're alone and do not know where you are unveils the mystery and survive the horror again!