RE A Dor do Medo 2

Hacker: SaintCaio
Release Year: 2008
Version: Full
Rating: C

Description: History-The princess was rescued by Leon, at least this is what we all thought, but minutes later the castle was invaded by millions of hearts of children and bowser, Leon had no chance, but could not get out the Princess, Bowser always had a passion for the princess, captured it so for him, but that was not in the plans of the umbrella, WESKER was sent to recapture it and hold bowser, Mario was not impaired in truth was a plano.Mario (You did this to get more hidden) was working on helping Wesker and Umbrella.
And here we go again xD, that was my hack to interesting, but unfortunately has few steps, only 14, but well distribuídas.O Wesker was pretty cool, until it was similar to the old Wesker of Resident Evil 1, and that His dark glasses and was estiloso.Bom, the Hack is ExGFX but was not bad with the visual, the difficulty of the stages are very good, I liked the design of the first phase, but the rest not so, not bad but nothing to the problem is that they are somewhat similar to the orginais.Ainda has the charming Koopa Zombies, which are the difference of the Resident Evil and Fear of pain, now the only problem are the quantities of phases mesmo.É that AEW galera, lower and prove.

Pros: Resident Evil with Mario, the Koopa Troop Zombie, phases with good difficulty, Wesker cute.