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This is the Dennys I use to work at. It is located at 2905 Stevenson Dr Springfield, IL 62703.

I loved work. I was a manager at Dennys. I worked about 50 hours a week or so and my schedule rotated all the time. I had a wonderful staff most of the time and got to see people come and go all the time.

Our management staff rocked. We all tried to have fun and help our customers as much as possible. Our management team included,
           Keith :                               Myself ,   Mike:                         Mike:                              Brett
General  Training  Manager     Restraunt Manager            General Manager          Restraunt Manager

These are our Day Shift employees.

These are our Swing Shift Employees

These are our Late Night Employees

EX Employees

Coffee Drinkers

Check me out as a cook  

Our Truck Day