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2/5/09 Added another bunch of Resident Evil games. I need to go through and sort them by system or something, they are getting out of control.

1/29/09 2 Splatterhouse games removed upon author's request. SegNin fixed 2 more of the RPGMaker games Bio Hazard for RPG Maker and Best RE Demo, thanks again. The BioHazard 2 Remake file link was fixed finally, just rename the download to an iso extension, the site has a problem with the extension for some reason. Added RE Mugen Beta V2 and V3, Resident Evil - The Sentinel, Resident Evil - Jill's Escape, Resident Evil New Racoon, Resident Evil Regeneration, Resident Evil - A Dor do Medo, Resident Evil - A Dor do Medo 2, Resident Evil 001 Game Creation Engine.

I also added a crap ton of Zombie games and updated a few of the ones already on here with downloads. I will post more up soon, the PS2 and full cd PC ones take awhile to upload.

Apparently this host also has a problem with .7z files so I have renamed them .rar, if you have a problem extracting a .rar file please try using 7-zip before emailing me that it is corrupt. Thanks.

Also got an email asking to add a link to Zombie Pandemic, a new free browser based MMORPG, check the links to find out about it.

If you have any Resident Evil or Zombie Games not listed PLEASE contact me, also I'm more than happy to host your work for one on my site.



This is the homepage of Michael Freligh. I will put a bunch of random stuff on it.
Please notiify me of any screwed up stuff, bad links, ect.