Best FPS Games for Mobile

One of the best ways to vent out your pent-up anger is by shooting people. Though that may be what you feel like doing in real life, it can land you in jail. Hence, the next best thing is to download one of the best FPS games for mobile.

These first-person shooter games allow you to immerse yourself in the world of wars and battles against evil, and you get a free pass to kill any individual who comes in your way. The games can be very addictive, especially if you have one that gives you great graphics and real-time plays. Some of these games are made so real that it almost feels like you are in them, making them even more appealing.

However, if you download a not-so-great game, your entire experience can be jeopardized. The only thing the app will be doing then is eating up free space in your phone until you uninstall it. To make sure that you have fun playing, download one of the games mentioned below.

Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a well-made game as you can tell that the maps are properly sorted and thought of. It also comes with multiple gaming modes and allows you to customize your character. This online multiplayer game allows you to connect with other players on the internet and easily play using your smartphone.

If you do not feel like playing against others, you have a single player option as well in which you will be matched up against bots.

Modern Strike Online

The main inspiration behind this game is Counter Strike, and we all know how incredible that game is. You can say that Modern Strike Online is a miniature version of Counter Strike that you can play on your phone. It comes with amazing graphics and six different gaming modes. You can play it online with other gamers as well, and you can make in-app purchases to upgrade your character. The only downside of this game is that it does not have a voice chat feature.

Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade has been available for some time now, but it has not lost its charm. The game only offers the multiplayer option, but the control scheme is very flexible, making it easy for the player to get used to it. There are at least seven different character classes available and more than 100 weapons that you can choose from.

Critical Ops

If you are serious about your gaming, especially FPS ones, then this is the perfect option for you. The game is also similar to Counter Strike but can easily be played on your mobile phone. The game can allow almost 20 players to go against each other at one time. The online experience with this game is something that you will remember, and the game’s maps and features are the cherry on top.

N.O.V.A 3

One of the top FPS games for mobile, this game allows multiple users to play against each other anytime online. It has great maps, characters, weapons and other features. You also get a single player option in the game in case you don’t want to go against anyone else. 12 players can play at one time and get six different modes.


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