Best Racing Games for Mobile

When we talk about racing games, what usually comes to our mind? Xbox? PS4? Computer? However, in the last few years, it can be seen that more and more developers are becoming interested in developing racing games that can be played on mobile phones. Some of these games are so good that people, including yours truly, are hooked and can’t stop playing even after a couple of hours. Some of these totally awesome games are going to be discussed that have taken over the players by a storm.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the most popular and beloved game. The game, available on both Android and iOS devices, became a freemium game with amazing graphics and an even amazing soundtrack. Airborne satisfies its name with various slopes and other gameplay components, urging players to take shocking jumps keeping in mind the end goal to execute crazy aerial tricks.

One of the oldest racing game franchises, Asphalt has been producing games even before mobile phones existed. As the years went by, Asphalt developed many versions, eight so far, that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The newest version is the best so far where you get to unlock a large number of cars and play professional mode and online multiplayer mode.

Real Racing 3

When Real Racing was introduced as a freemium game, it got some negative reviews in the beginning. However, in the last few years with the newer and better versions, the reviews turned into positive feedback.

Real Racing 3 enables clients to take the wheel of a large group of cars and take them for a turn across a flawlessly rendered race track that looks absolutely real. Various game modes, from straight-up races and time trials to the special Time Shift Multiplayer mode, offer many difficulties to players. It is updated now and then to provide the players with new content such as new cars, racing occasions and a pit crew system.

CSR Racing

CSR Racing, compatible with both Android and iOS devices, takes urban racing to a whole new level. The game doesn’t require any steering and controlling. It’s a drag race that entails accurate starts, seamlessly planned shift of gears and car tricks. Pointers advise when to make your next move, and if your timing is perfect and your ride is adequately updated, you should win before your adversary and procure a few rewards. It might sound like it’s a boring game where all you have to do is tap, but the flawless graphics when paired with high-performing cars make the game very exciting.

As the game is free for users, to make some money, the creators have added features that require real money. You can buy things like gold premium currency and gas resources that can only be bought from in-app purchases as they take some time to refill and are required for each race.

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