Best Scary Games for Mobile

As the years have gone by, more and more scary games are being developed for mobile phones. These games are shockingly scary due to the brilliant graphics they provide, their storylines and their sound effects. Some of the most terrifying and bone-chilling games have been compiled for you so that you can have fun playing them.

The Walking Dead

Those of us who have watched The Walking Dead and are huge fans of the series know how the show has kept us wide awake at night, fearing that zombies might come out. The game developers have created a game of the same name where you get to roleplay as one of the characters of the series while fighting zombies. You would be given choices to make as well. It’s more of a role-playing game whose graphics make it scary and horrifying.

You’ll require speedy responses and a solid stomach to endure the violent action scenes in The Walking Dead. In any case, those fierce minutes have double the effect as you invest some time in the cast of characters, figuring out how to relate to their predicament just before they’re unfeelingly offed. The anxiety doesn’t really go away, making this a genuinely tense and remarkable experience.

Eyes – The Horror Game

One of the first scary games that were created for Android devices was Eyes where the users play from a first person’s perspective. The game requires you to get into mansions, collect all the money and get out. Sounds easy, no? Well, things are never as easy as they sound.

Once you enter the mansion, you have to pass through multiple evil entities that are found lurking in the house. If this wasn’t difficult, the money isn’t just lying around the house but stashed away in wooden safes and cupboard. And there’s more; you have to find the correct key to open these storage spaces. To make it more terrifying, you can hear sounds that would make your blood run cold. The players get a glimpse of ghosts and to make matters worse, your game would be over the moment you touch a ghost, so avoid this by running flat out from that place.

Eyes is one of the creepiest games available on the Play Store. The amazing graphics and the bloodcurdling sounds are what make this game so scary.

The Fear

The Fear is another insanely horrifying game that is available on the Play Store. It is more of a role-playing game than anything else. The story starts with your wife Martha who is a psychopath. You are required to admit her in a mental asylum, and you, thus, break up with her. Fast forward your life to many years when you are married to Serena, but you get this feeling that there is something in your house watching you. You even dream that your ex-wife Martha committed suicide. The game becomes even scarier because of the bloodcurdling sound effects, and you won’t be able to sleep for many nights once you play this game.

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