Best Social Media Apps for Mobiles

Social media apps are very popular as everyone wants to find an interesting and fun way of contacting their family and friends. These apps are used by millions of users including celebrities, politicians, and other important figures to deliver their messages to their fans. The Facebook app currently has more than 85.5 million users, and it is the most popular social media app. Other popular apps include Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat which are downloaded and used frequently by people around the world.

To make your life more interesting, you can try some unique social media apps which, according to the experts, are going to become popular in the coming months. Following are some of the best social media apps for mobiles:


Hootsuite is a social media managing app that allows the users to manage, schedule, and post information to any account on other social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and WordPress. This app is ideal for businesses and celebrities who have to manage different accounts on different platforms. This app will let you post on all social media platforms at once.


If you are a social media geek, you must have a look at this app which allows you to manage multiple social media accounts. With the Buffer app, you can manage your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts using a scheduler. If you want to manage more social media accounts, that is, up to 12 profiles, you’ll have to pay $10/month. Using this app, you can easily add updates and tweets, use extensions and extras, and see which tweets get the most clicks.


WeChat is a messaging app and is very popular in China just like WhatsApp is around the world. This app has different languages available such as English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, and Indonesian. Even though most WeChat users are from China, this app has grabbed billions of users around the world. Using this app, you can share text and audio messages along with your current location. There are a number of exciting games and stickers which you can use to make the experience more exciting.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is mostly used by college and university students as it offers a unique way to connect with your friends. This app is location-centric, so you can use it within the premises of wherever you are socializing. The app lets you indulge in interesting talks without showing your identity as it isn’t allowed to share your personal information. You can post photos, make comments, and upvote messages while being anonymous.


This app is location-based and lets you know the nearby locations based on other people’s comments and suggestions. As you check in somewhere, the app gets even more personalized and gives ideas and suggestions for locations. Wherever you are, the app will give you directions, menus, hours, and pictures for deciding a destination you need to visit. This app is ideal for travelers, but even if you aren’t one, Foursquare will help you choose your destination.

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