Could “Bye Bye Builder” Be a Teaser by Clash of Clans?

Any user of Clash of Clans would have a soft spot for “The Builder.” He has been present ever since the beginning of the game, accomplishing his duty of building walls, cannons, and so much more. His motivation is beyond the roof as he watches whatever he builds being smashed to ashes nonstop. It is hard to believe that The Builder has had enough of this task, and in the new video released titled “Bye Bye Builder,” the users will watch him leave. Where does he go? That we are yet to find out.

The farewell signs are obvious within the game as well. One can see visual references outside the builder huts along with the Builder icon not being at the top of the screen anymore. The icon is replaced by another character. On top of that, upon construction, the users do not see The Builder anymore. Instead, they get a visual of the new character who is using his sword during the construction. Nothing else about the game changes, and The Builder leaving does not cause any trouble to the users either. However, it does raise questions as to why and where he is headed.

Theories Regarding The Builder’s Possible Departure

One possible escape route for The Builder would be the Builder Base across the sea, which is inhabited by the Master Builder. It is possible that The Builder would want to make a visit to his Master in order to polish his skills of crafting. From a user point of view, there now exists a second builder at the Builder Base, which will make it possible for The Builder on vacation to be used by those paying extra cash. Such an advantage would be beneficial to those who look for builders on the Builder Base, which makes the users pay anyways in order to get more loot.

Another possibility is that The Builder may be heading to Clash Royale, which is Supercell’s other game. This is possible as the game requires walls to be built and towers to be repaired.

In addition to that, certain users think that this teaser is directed toward a new game that Supercell may be releasing. Is it possible that The Builder is looking for a place where his craft would last for longer than a few hours? The press release gives various hints on something revolving around those lines, and such a decision could go either way. The teaser may suggest that a new game is coming, or we may just be thinking a little too much.

Final Thoughts

As Clash of Clans celebrated its five-year anniversary, the “Bye Bye Builder” video has been released for the users to watch. Celebrations are at their peak both in and out of the game, but this video will get users thinking as to what comes next.

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