How You Can Defeat Articuno and Lugia in Pokémon Go

There were some Pokémon in the original series that were not only difficult but also impossible to catch. From there, we discovered the praise you get when you catch such Pokémon. Some of these Pokémon include the likes of Articuno and Lugia.

Ever since these two have been spotted in Pokémon Go, almost everyone is after to catch them. However, the truth is that it is difficult to defeat them, though not impossible. Below you will find out a few different ways in which you can catch these two Pokémon.


Articuno is an ice Pokémon, which means its biggest weakness will be either stone or fire. To defeat this Pokémon, you will need legendary Pokémon such as Tyranitar who can produce Stone Edge and Fire Blast. These are the two types of attacks that can cause a lot of damage to Articuno.

Another kind you can choose for battle is Kabutops. Though it is a water-type Pokémon, it can be used against Articuno as well. The reason is that it will be able to withstand the attacks that Articuno throws against it. It also has access to Stone Edge which can cause a lot of damage.

If you do not have either of these Pokémon, you can also consider Magcargo or Sudowoodo. This is because they have access to Stone Edge and can easily fight against an ice-type Pokémon.

As Articuno is weak against fire-, stone-, fighting-, and steel-type Pokémon, the chances are that if you have any such Pokémon, you will be able to defeat it. However, since Articuno falls in the flying category as well, it will be weak against electric attacks too. Hence, some of the other moves that you can use against this Pokémon are:

  1. Thunder
  2. Zap Cannon
  3. Flash Canon
  4. Overheat

The best Pokémon that you can find that can form such attacks are Charizard, Flareon, Typhlosion, Magneton, and Jolteon.

You may need more than six Pokémon to defeat Articuno as it is not easy to beat and capture it. On the other hand, Lugia is harder to defeat and will need even more effort.


A flying-type Pokémon, the actual test with this Pokémon comes when it starts to use its psychic powers as well, making it a psychic type too. This is why it is one of the most difficult Pokémon to capture. As it is quite tough, you will only get to face this Pokémon when you reach level 5 raids and to be able to catch it, you will have to defeat it in a battle.

You need to know that it is useless to use a rock-type Pokémon against Lugia as it will be able to wipe it out with its special attack, Hydro Pump. The best way to defeat it is to use either dark- or electric-type Pokémon as they still stand a chance against this attack.

As it is a stronger Pokémon, you will need more Pokémon to defeat it; at least 8 different players will be required. Plus, there is a 5-minute time-stamp to defeat this Pokémon, so be aware of your time limit as it is important to defeat it within that time.

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