PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Puts a Ban on Cheaters

One of the widely popular war games is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It has taken over the gaming industry by a storm, and the surprising part is that it has not even been officially released yet. Heck, it hasn’t even been completely developed.

The game got its unique name by the inventor who decided to go for something different. The main inspiration behind this game is the epic film “Battle Royale.” The game also has a different map and pretty amazing graphics.

The game is built for serious gamers, who have a lot of skills as it will test them on almost every level. It is a multiplayer game and ensures that players have the best gaming experience. However, the problem is that lately, a lot of cheaters have come on board and have started to ruin the game for other players, as they have figured out ways to get headshots all over the map and see through the walls.

The Cheats

It has been reported that until now, about 25,000 players have been banned from the game. However, that has not frazzled the cheaters online. You will be surprised by the cheats that are being used in this game as they are the most common ones that you will find in almost any game. These cheats include:

  • Aimbots – Players get to snap the crosshairs directly on the target via various ways.
  • Rudimentary aimbots – These allow players to detect specific colors on the screen to get others’ locations and allow them to track down those players.
  • ESP cheats – You can easily tag various items and players on the map and find the hiding places of other players and the area where the good stuff is hidden.

If anyone decides to use all these cheats together, they can become stronger than the whole army and can easily become one of the best players of the game.


One of the most popular anti-cheat detecting programs, BattlEye has been used by various games to make sure that players were not able to use such cheats. The first game to use this program was Battlefield Vietnam in 2004, followed by DayZ and Arma 3 (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is the successor of the latter game).

The primary purpose of BattlEye is to know about all the players’ files and frequently check for modifications. If any cheating is found, it reacts swiftly to it. Once a player is caught by this program, they are banned from the game. However, more often than not, players tend to create a new account and start playing again.

Though there are numerous cheats available for this game, the best ones that can help you win the game can cost quite a lot. These cheats cost so high because they are of supreme quality. Many cheats are hard to get, and gamers spend a lot of money to avail these invite-only services.

As an early access game, the developers are always making sure that the servers are stable, which makes these cheaters even more annoying. The best way they can combat this is by getting a kill-cam and a good reporting system.

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