Pokémon SoulSilver ROM

Pokémon SoulSilver is a better and flashier version of the 1999 Pokémon Silver video games. SoulSilver recaps the tale of Johto (the fictional region in the Pokémon universe), where the player starts their journey from New Bark Town. While the game includes a few extensions in the major territories, the general plot takes after the similar direction from the original game. A few stories limited to Crystal are also included.

SoulSilver has the ability to link up with Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl to get Pokémon that are not available in the Kanto and Johto regions and the other way around to complete the Pokédex.

Gameplay and Plot

The main goal of the players is to be the best Pokémon trainer which can be done by raising Pokémon, cataloging them and defeating other trainers with them.

Pokémon SoulSilver is a role-playing video game. The fundamental mechanics of the game is almost similar to the forerunners of the game. The gameplay can be seen through three types of screens: a field map, a battle screen, and the menu. The field map helps in the navigation of the main player, and the main menu shows the items that belong to you in the game like the Pokémon, configuration of the player and the settings of the game.

The game’s plot is almost the same as the original version of the 1999 game with a few updated aspects. You are given the choice of becoming either Lyra or Ethan, and the one you won’t choose would become your opponent. Whichever character you choose would be given a job by Professor Elm. The game starts with Professor Elm providing a starter Pokémon when you complete the errand for him. You can play with this Pokémon and catch other Pokémon native to the area. This Pokémon is there for you to battle with and deceive Team Rocket or another nemesis. You can even form alliances.

At the point when the player experiences a wild Pokémon or is challenged by a trainer to a fight, the screen changes to a turn-based fight screen where the Pokémon battle. Amid the battle, you have the choice of either fighting back or escaping, though you can’t escape when challenged by a trainer. You can also use the items that you possess and change an active Pokémon.

Every Pokémon has a hit point which would be visible only during battles. If the HP of a Pokémon reaches zero, it means that they are unable to battle anymore and need to be taken to a Pokémon Center.

Like Pokémon Yellow’s Pikachu, your Pokémon can follow you around during the game. The player is also given the option to talk to their Pokémon and see how they are feeling.

How Can You Play It?

The game can be played on the Nintendo DS, but if you don’t own the console, fear not! You can still play the game on your PC through its ROM, which is available on the following website where you can download it easily.

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