Surprising Upturn of Mobile Game Revenue

For years, the market has been dominated by PC and console games. These two were everyone’s go-to when they wanted to play games and have some fun in the virtual world. When their popularity increased, more developers came on board and started making unique games to capture the interest of the market. After a while, you could find games about anything and everything.

One of the most popular consoles was Atari, owned and loved by everyone, but it could only be played at home. As for PC games, you need a desktop or a laptop to play and sometimes, you just can’t take them with you if you have to go on an extended trip.

Then came the era of mobile phones. Primarily, these gadgets were only used to communicate with others, that is, you could either make or receive calls. Then came the internet and the ability to email using these phones. The only game you had at that time was ‘Snake.’ With the ever-evolving technology, smartphones soon hit the market. These phones allowed a person to carry out multiple tasks and keep them entertained on the go.

The Rise to Fame of Mobiles Games

With the popularity of these phones and the need of entertainment, mobile games soon started gaining fame. Many people started developing games that attracted different types of individuals and segments. Many games were made for Android or iOS mobiles and many for both. You can find these games in your phone’s app store. Some are available for free, while others will have some cost associated with them.

Right now, about two-thirds of the people in this world own a smartphone, and you will be surprised at the people spending their money to buy games for their mobiles. For the first time in history, it was found that in the year 2016, mobile games generated a higher revenue than PC or console games. The market for these games had grown a total of 38%, thus reaching a $38 billion target last year.

It has been estimated by Newzoo (a market research analyst) that the revenue mentioned above will reach a total of $65 billion in the year 2020. Technology giants, such as NetEase and Tencent, have both doubled their revenue and it is thought that it will keep on increasing every year. These two companies are in high competition with each other and are the leading gaming companies in the world. They cater to both mobile and PC games.

An interesting find by DFC is that, after looking at 30 different companies, the types of games which are most popular are casino games (casual and social). It is thought that in the future, developers will find even more interesting and complex games which will result in more people switching from PC and console to mobile gaming.

You will find that many companies have started to turn PC and console games into mobile games. For example, Square Enix’s hit game Hitman has been brought to mobile by the name of Hitman Go and has received 20 million downloads.

It is thought that Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard are the companies to look out for, as they will make it big in the future as the revenues of these two are already increasing.

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